The Union Budget 2019 – All You Need To Know, In Case You Missed Anything

On July 5th, 2019, the Modi government presented the Union Budget to the nation, and this presentation has been the major conversation starter for Indians all around the country, even the world. The main agenda of the Union Budget is to improve Indian infrastructure, give foreign investments a large boost and overall improve the state of the Indian economy. The Union Budget is one of the most significant decisions of the ruling government as it dictates the state of the economics of the country and sets a precedent for how the year is going to look like for all Indian citizens. Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister of the country was the bearer of this news. If you didn’t get to catch the entire announcement, here are the highlights you must know about the Union Budget 2019 – 


  1. On Direct Taxation

Direct taxation by definition refers to the tax paid by an individual or organization directly to an entity. Examples of direct taxation can be income tax, property tax and so on. The union budget 2019 had some highlights which have something to do with direct taxation and those are – 

  • Under section 80EE, which states a deduction on interest on housing loans, there will be an increase of 1.5 lakhs for the home loans which are self-occupied house property as of 31/3/2020. If the cost of the house is more than 45 lakhs, they will be eligible for this.
  • The Aadhar card and the PAN card can be used interchangeably by taxpayers, making the process a lot easier.
  • People can now file for income tax returns by using their Aadhar number
  • To encourage online transactions, a TDS of 2% would be charged on withdrawals which exceed the 1 crore per annum mark from any bank account
  • There will be an increase in tax (from 15% to 18%) for people who fall under the income bracket of 2 crores to 5 crores per annum.
  • There will be an increase in tax (from 15% to 22%) for people who fall under the income bracket of 5 crores to 10 crores per annum.
  • There will be a proposal to offer relief in levy of tax for securities transaction
  • A corporate tax of 25% will be applied to companies who get an annual turnover of 400 crores and above. 
  • The 35AD will now be also applicable to Li-On batteries, Semi-conductors, Laptops, Fabrications, and Photo volic.


  • On Infrastructure

Some new policies have been announced by the Finance Minister of India which will impact the infrastructure industry of the country. The highlights are – 

  • There will be a massive increase in the amount of investment in the infrastructure industry. By this, we mean that the national highways and aviation sectors will hopefully see a major boom in the coming year.
  • The Bharat Mala will focus extensively on developing state highways
  • All the national highways are about to go through a major reconstruction to better the infrastructure


  • On Education

Education is one of the key factors which can drastically affect the wellbeing of the country, so it is important to invest money in the field of education. 

  • The National Education Policy will be responsible for making some mecessary and important changes in the structure of secondary education as well as higher education.
  • Under the Swayam Initiative, the idea of Digital Education will be highly promoted
  • The National Research Foundation will be paying great attention to an increase in research and development activities, and they will also fund and promote better researches. They are to overlook the culmination of researches and putting an end to false and duplicate researches.
  • This year, students can look forward to a new and improved Indian education system.


  • On Startup Development

With the increasing number of innovative startups popping up every single day in the country, the government made it a point to cater to these needs as well.

  • The Union Budget mentioned that the government will be starting some programs for startups on DD News.


  • On Household

The Union Budget 2019 paid extra attention to all the household needs of the citizens on India, especially who need it the most, like people living in the rural parts of India.

  • All parts of rural India are to receive housing, clean drinking water, electricity, and cooking facilities so that they can lead a safe and dignified life.
  • The government will try to encourage the usage of rainwater harvesting, recharging of groundwater and household wastewater management. 
  • Under the Har Ghar Jal initiative, all people living in rural India are projected to have water by 2024
  • About 7 crore LPG gas connections to be given to rural households of the country.


  • On Pension

Special attention was paid to pension plans and this specific need was brought up – 

  • About 3 crore retail traders (shopkeepers) will be given pension. These shopkeepers would be given the pension benefit if their annual turnover is up to 1.5 crores.


  • On MSME

MSME or Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises were given a special spot in the Union Budget 2019. These were the points that stood out – 

  • All GST registered MSMEs will have about 350 crores allocated for a 2% interest subvention specifically, on incremental loans or even fresh loans.
  • The government will work extensively on creating a platform for easy payments for MSMEs.
  • This year will see a lot of major reformations for the MSMEs.
  • MSMEs will be able to receive loans in just 59 minutes. The amount for a quick loan is up to 1 crore.


  • On Women Empowerment

In this day and age, Women empowerment and gender equality are very important and the government must take steps to further these efforts so that all citizens of the country can be their true and authentic selves and also fell safe and empowered.

  • A committee will be formed with public and private stakeholders to push the cause of gender equality
  • All women in Self Help Groups having Jan Dhan Account will have Rs. 5000 overdraft allowed.
  • Women entrepreneurs can get a loan up to 1 lakh under the Mudra Scheme


  • On NRI Budget

  • A proposal is underway for NRIs to get their Aadhar card on arrival. NRIs with valid Indian passports are eligible for this.
  • NRIs to receive their Aadhar cards post their arrival in India
  • More effort will be made to increase the NRI investment in the Indian capital market.
  • Efforts will be made to merge the FPI route and the NRI portfolio scheme route.


  • On Railway Budget

The Indian Railways have been running for a long time, but there is always scope for improvement.

  • 50 lakh crores to be invested into the Indian railways between the years 2018 and 2030
  • The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) will be integrated into the Indian Railways so that passenger satisfaction becomes of utmost importance
  • The Railway Station Modernization is to be launched soon this year
  • More investments to be made by the Indian Railways in suburban and urban Indian regions
  • India set to have 657 km of functioning Metro Rail soon


  • On the Banking and the Financial sector

This sector is always most affected by the National Budget. These are the highlights for this year – 

  • A lot of new reforms and policies are to be made so that the Public Sector banks have stronger governance and better functioning
  • Commercial banks have reduced their NPAs by about one lakh in just the last year
  • Over 4 lakh crores of record recovery to be made with IBS
  • 70 thousand crores of capital boost are to be made for credit improvement after the consolidation of public sector banks.
  • The number of public sector banks has been reduced by 8
  • NBFCs are to get funding from the government (a total of 1 lakh crore)
  • The RBI Regulatory Authorities will be placed over the NBFC Regulatory Authorities
  • Regulatory Authority is set to move from NHB  to the RBI on this year


  • On Electrical Vehicles

  • A reduction in the GST rate will be seen on all electrical vehicles. (from 12% to 5%)
  • A reduction of tax (2.5 lakh) on the loan interest on the purchase of electrical vehicles
  • Electric vehicles will be made more easily affordable
  • 1.5 lakh IT deduction on the interest on the loans taken to purchase of electric vehicles


  • On Technology

  • Under the 35AD tax deduction, now solar storage batteries and chargers will also be included
  • A mass scaling of LED bulbs is set to take place. 
  • About 35 crores of LED bulbs will be distributed
  • Robots and types of machinery would be used for scavenging.
  • A lot of investment to be made in the field of VR, AI, Robotics and other technological movements.


Among all these important highlights, the government will also focus on reducing the costs of digital so that more and more people can make the switch. There are also plans to launch a card which will be similar to an ATM card but this can be used pan India.

12th Passed Jobs

A minimum qualification that has been properly scrutinized and brought up by the government is 10th pass jobs 2019. There have been vacancies available in both private and governmental sector from time to time and the same has been relieving the candidates from the pressure and dilemma of what exactly to do after they complete their class 10th boards or where exactly are they meant to find the same at times of need. There have been updates on varied exams like SSC Exam schedules in the current Financial year and one can easily find all such updates here on the page of Top News. From minimum of qualification to salary that will be paid to a candidate with such qualification, all are posted and time to time updated here on-the page of Top News. The website also provides information like what exactly is the requirements of the job as regards the documents.

As we all know that every knowledge matters and so does the information provided in form of updates and when it comes to working with a highly dignified and for a pride badge, this is the best way to start. Varied government jobs come with updates from time to time but with a minimum qualification of just class 10th, or the class 12th, the government is trying to allow all to support and guide them through their needs by providing 10th Passed Jobs 12th Pass Govt Jobs, in 2019. this sector of government is the most applied one as the facilities are abundant and so are the recruitment providers who get a candidate placed well based upon their stream of knowledge and type of knowledge.

Government Initiative To Guide Students Through Career And Studies

No matter how many career plan government provides a candidate out there just after they complete their 10th boards but the government is trying to support further studies and ask the students to complete their academic qualification till class 12th and make their base strong.

One can easily choose streams like PCM/PCB/PCMB/Commerce/Arts, etc and take a step ahead to excel and gain better knowledge on these fields until the candidates complete their class 12th.


Govt Jobs And Latest 12th Pass Government Jobs 2019:

There lies an abundance of opportunities for all the seekers who want to learn and it is completely on them how they take advantage of same. based upon such opportunities provided by the Government, some of the latest government jobs for the 12th pass candidates in 2019 are mentioned below with all the relevant data included: There lies an abundance of opportunities for all the seekers who want to learn and it is completely on them how they take advantage of same. based upon such opportunities provided by the Government, some of the latest government jobs for the 12th pass candidates in 2019 are mentioned below with all the relevant data included:

AIATSL Major vacancy post is for Junior executive, customer agents together with others. In the total of 335, all walk-ins A candidate needs to be 12th passed or must be a graduate or postgraduate/ holding a diploma 29th July 2019- 07th August 2019
UPSSSC Vacancies in a total of 655 for forest and wildlife guards 12th passed 8th of August, 2019
Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan Vacancies in a total of 337 clerks, coordinators, assistants and others 12th passed/10th passed/a graduate/Postgraduate 7th of August, 2019


The vacancies herein are for Section Officer, Private Secretary and others 12th passed/10th passed/a graduate/ ITI/holding a diploma 30th of September, 2019
CICT Total  of 9 vacancies for Assistant, Personal Secretary, Librarian and others 12th passed/a graduate 17th of August, 2019
Army Recruiting Office Siliguri Soldiers posts


8th passed/10th passed/12th passed 30th of September, 2019
SPA Vijayawada vacancies for Private Secretary, Section Officer and others in a total of 9 12th passed/a graduate/ a postgraduate 16th of August, 2019
UP Police A total of 6000 vacancies for the constables, Sub Inspector, Inspector 10th passed/12th passed/a graduate           –
Assam Rifles Vacant post in total for 79 Havildar Clerk, Rifleman and others 10th passed/12th passed 13th of August, 2019
BSE Haryana The vacancies herein are of a Principal, Clerk and others which is in a total of 895 10th passed/12th passed/must have completed BA/MA/B.Sc/M.Com 27th of July, 2019
Zilla Parishad Solapur The vacancy here is for a total of 6 Data Entry Operator 10th passed/12th passed who have some writing knowledge 31st of July, 2019
South Western Railway The vacancies herein is in a total of 179 for the Goods Guard, Station Master and the others 12th passed/a graduate 28th of July, 2019
AASL The vacancies herein are of a total of 52 Senior Supervisor and Supervisors 12th passed/a graduate/must have a diploma 9th of August, 2019
South Indian Bank A total of 12 vacancies are there for the post of Probationary Legal Officers 10th passed/12th passed/ a law degree 28th of July, 2019
West Bengal PSC Vacant post in a total of 5 for Dialysis Technician Grade-III 12th passed/ a diploma degree 5th of August, 2019
RSRTC The post requires a total of 4856 Drivers 10th passed/12th passed               –
RSMSSB The vacancy is available for 801 Junior Clerk in total 12th passed 30th of August, 2019
RSMSSB Vacant jobs for 3835 Patwari 12th passed 31st of August, 2019
NIT Raipur The job has a vacancy for 77 Junior Engineers, Technical Assistant and others 12th passed/a diploma degree/a graduate/ a degree of MCA 28th of August, 2019
HSHRC Total vacancies of 25 Senior Consultant, Consultant, Skill Lab Trainer and others 12th passed/a graduate/postgraduate/ a diploma degree holder 26th of July, 2019
AIIMS Patna The job has 1 vacancy for the post of Junior Administrative Assistant 10th passed/12th passed 14th of August, 2019
AIESL Vacant jobs in a total of 125 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer 12th passed 26th to 30th of August, 2019
Income Tax Department Vacant jobs for a total of 20751 MTS, Tax Assistant and others 10th passed/12th passed/a graduate 2nd of September, 2019
Mysuru District The job has a vacancy for 70 Village Accountants 12th passed 28th 0f August 2019
HPSLSA The vacancies herein are for 5 Peon, Steno-Typist and others 12th passed/a graduate 8th of August, 2019
Indian Air Force Post available for Airmen Group-Y (02/2020 Batch) Walk-in 12th passed 24th to 29th of August, 2019
NAARM There are in total 05 posts for the Semiskilled Labour or the Project Assistant and Others (Walk-in) 12th passed/a graduate/ a postgraduate 26th to 30th of July
PGIMER-RML Hospital There are 09 Projects for the Technicians who are of Grade II together with MTS & Others (Walk-in) 12th passed/ a postgraduate 24th of July, 2019
ICDS Bihar 3034 posts for the Lady Supervisors 10th passed/ 12th passed/a graduate 25th of July, 2019
Army recruiting office in Jammu Posts for Soldiers The person can 10th passed and 12th passed 16th of August, 2019


Golden Opportunity For 12th Pass Candidate

Opportunities provided by the Government, the same isn’t meant to be let go. There are lots of Government Jobs/ Sarkari Naukri for all the candidates out there who have passed their 12th exams. The government is trying to provide the candidates out there with jobs which removes the long followed thought that graduates are the only one who can apply for the government sector. Various recruitment agencies or commissions together with recruitment departments are being set up for recruiting candidates from varied fields. Top News provides information on all such Government job openings for 12th passed candidates in every state out their individually.

There is Staff selection commission examination and UPSC competitive examinations conducted out there for recruiting the candidates just after Higher Secondary Level (10+2) examination. The positions for same vary from Data Entry Operators to Lower Division Clerk and Stenographer of Grade ‘C’ and Grade ‘D’. The exam is also conducted for appointing the Non-Technical Staffs. UPSC provides an opportunity to a candidate twice a year to be a part of the Army, Navy, the Air Force Wings of the NDA. Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination (SCRA) is also conducted by UPSC for the recruitment of Railway Apprentices.

Not only this, if a person is interested to be a part of the Banking sector, there lies a way for the same too. The public sector banks are open for a candidate to apply just after they are done with their 10+2 exams. IBPS, SBI clerk exams, etc, altogether the opportunities are available for every candidate in 19 public sector banks.

If not satisfied yet after looking such abundance amount of opportunities, one can look forward by themselves for all the jobs by personally visiting such government-specified official sites out there which will help you get a post as per your needs.


Why TopNews

TopNews is one such place which can be relied upon for all your needs. from the already conducted exams with awaited results to the upcoming exams out there, all of the information is being updated herein from time to time with every official release of same.

Not only they provide news or notifications based upon such, but TopNews is best at becoming a one-stop for all your needs. All the links, all the notifications together with other relevant details can be found out here. Hence one need not go out there on every official page or site. Just follow the link updated already and you will be led to the registration page or application page or results page within seconds of demand.


Why TopNews For Class 12th Passed Government Job Updates

TopNews includes all the updates as regards what will be the date, for the registration dates, when will be the last date for same together with details on the type of vacancy, the qualifications for such 12th passed candidates government jobs post and also the organizations which will be employing the candidates for such job. What one can ask for is all included in one place, so why wander around and go looking for all such relevant data from pages to pages.


Applying For Right Job On Right Time

Why waste time when you have the skill, the right mindset and all the energy level which supports you to get the best and be the best.? Well, the answer is our habit of procrastination makes us do the same. They make us lenient towards what is to be needed now and make us wait to say we have time.

The answers to same are wrong and it is needed that we apply for the right job at the right time to take better opportunities right on time. This will make us get some experience and excel in what we are planning to become. Government jobs today prepare the candidate for a better tomorrow as they know what career opportunities lie ahead for the candidates with the right amount of knowledge. So, it’s better to apply for the right job at the right time and make use of all the resource, especially the resource of time, properly.

IGNOU Admission (July) 2019 Session Notification, Last Date, Courses, Application, Admission Procedure

IGNOU, as well all know, stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University. It was initiated in 1985 by an act of parliament. Like any other university, it too had an aim of providing education to students and creating a knowledge society. However, it is slightly different from other educational institutes as it provides high quality education through the open and distance learning mode.

The university came into existence by offering only two academic programmes, i.e. diploma in management and diploma in distance education with a strength of just 4,528 students. However, with time its strength has reached to 3 million students in India and other schools of studies in other countries.

Indira Gandhi National Open University is highly acknowledged and appreciated and apart from all the information stated above, it also offers about 228 certificate, diploma, degree and doctoral programmes all over the country, having 810 faculty and 574 academic staff and 33,212 academic counsellors.

The university was inaugurated with the following goals:

  • Making education reach to all parts of the society
  • Educate students with their high quality and innovative programmes
  • Making disadvantaged students educated at affordable prices
  • Keeping the education, they provide in flow by providing it through open and distance learning which becomes possible in all parts of the country
  • To win their twin objective of making education accessible to all sections of the society, having no discrimination, that is, making it reach to both lower and upper sections of the society and giving them continuous professional development widening access for all sections of society and providing continual professional development and training of all the sections of the sectors present in the economy. One more thing to be added here is that it is using various media and technology methods in providing education to its students

The Indira Gandhi National Open University is devoted to its quality in providing quality teaching which includes research, training and extension activities, and the university has been acting as a national resource centre for expertise and infrastructure in the whole ODL system of the country. The University has come out with the Centre for Extension Education, National Centre for Disability Studies and National Centre for bringing new ways in Distance Education, to focus on specific learner groups and grow the distance learning system.

With growing number of years, IGNOU has been living up to the country’s expectations of making education reach to the marginalised sections of society. Apart from that, it is even providing free education to all jail inhabitants across the country.


Admission Procedure in IGNOU

Students seeking to get into ignou can go on the ignou online admission portal and apply for the admission within the given time. Students can also get themselves re-registered for certain UG, PG and Research courses through the ignou re-registration portal. Candidates will get an admission in ignou only when they are shortlisted and that procedure is done on the basis of the marks acquired by the student in the qualifying degree.  However, for a few courses in IGNOU admission the university conducts an admission test to select the students.

Application Procedure

Getting an admission in IGNOU, is not really a difficult task. IGNOU online registration just involves some steps which you need to follow carefully. Apart from them, a merit that it provides to students is that, students can pursue their other passion or work they are interested in simultaneously while pursuing their education.

Coming to its admission procedure, IGNOU has extended its admission last date for July session till July 31 for all the certificate programmes. All the candidates who are eligible for it can apply through the official site of IGNOU application.

How to apply for IGNOU 2019 July admissions?

STEP 1: go on the official site of ignou and log on to it,

STEP 2: click on “register yourself”

STEP 3: after that Create your log in account

STEP 4: fill all the mandatory information and click on “SUBMIT” and after that your username will be sent to you on an email address or number you submitted

STEP 5: log in using your detail

STEP 6: fill the IGNOU admission/application form in the required format

STEP 7: move forward to pay the fees as mentioned and upload all the required information

STEP 8: click on the “SUBMIT” button to get done with your admission procedure.


Documents that will be required while filling the IGNOU online admission form

  • Scanned passport size photograph of yours
  • Scanned signature of yours
  • Document showing your age proof
  • Scanned copy of the education you have qualified


Courses Offered By IGNOU


INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY is one of those universities which has everything for everyone and they are intact on this promise. It comes with more than 226 programs for a lot of undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in various disciplines. Moreover, it is lately engrossed in offering education of approximately 4 million students all over the world.

Written below are the courses that they offer to their students which a candidate ca avail in regular or distance learning mode, whichever suites them.

IGNOU Courses are as such:

  • Bachelor’s degree in arts, commerce, humanities and science stream on the basis of merit
  • Master’s degree in arts, commerce, humanities and science stream on the basis of merit
  • Diploma
  • Doctoral degree
  • Certificate courses
  • PG and advance diploma
  • PG and advance certificate
  • Non-credit programmes
  • Online programmes

Eligibility Criteria In IGNOU

For bachelor or an undergrad programme, a candidate must pass 10+2 examination

For postgraduation or master programme, a candidate must have a bachelor’s degree


Important Dates

The exams at ignou are conducted in two sessions, January (which is for December term end exam- TEE) and July (which is for June term end examination). Students who are aiming to appear in the January exam session, can fill the form in the month of October and students who are aiming to appear in the July exam session, can fill the form in the month of April.

Now, let us see the whole list of important dates of ignou


Fresh admissions through an online mode















TEE Exam Form
Schedule of submission of examination forms by the students at the respective Regional Centres with examination fee of Rs. 120/- per course or Click here to Fill Online.




Practical dates




Project submission date




Assignment submission







Date sheet for Term End Examinations





Issuance of Hall Ticket to the students





Results Declaration










Revaluation form Submission of TEE Results










Improvement form Submission of Division




November to December of the previous year

1st august to 1st October, nil

3rd October to 31st October, RS. 200

1st November to 30th November, RS. 500

1st December to 20th December RS. 1000


For December TEE:

1st Sept. to 30th Sept. without late fee
1st Oct. to 31st Oct. with late fee of Rs. 500/-
1st Nov. to 15th Nov. with late fee of Rs. 1000/-



In the month of January


Last date of 30th November


According to the date given on assignment question paper


Visible on the university website




Online, either by post and also by SMS




As per rules of the University. The result is also made available on the University website



Within 30 days from the date of declaration of result on the University website with requisite fee




Within 6 months from the date of the completion of the programme with required fee

May to august


1st February to 1st march, nil

1st April to 30th April, RS. 200

1st may to 31st may, RS. 500

1st June to 20th June, RS 1000

For June TEE:

1st March to 31st March without late fee
1st April to 30th April with late fee of Rs. 500/-
1st May to 15th May with late fee of Rs. 1000/-


In the month of July


Last date up to 31st may


According to the date given on assignment question paper


Visible on the university website




Online, either by post and also by SMS



As per rules of the University. The result is also made available on the University website


Within 30 days from the date of declaration of result on the University website with requisite fee





Within 6 months from the date of the completion of the programme with required fee



When the IGNOU 2019 results will be announced?


IGNOU Result June 2019: All BA, BDP, MA & All other courses’ students can Download their results

from the official website IGNOU Assignment Result June 2019 TEE will be out Soon.

For rest of the candidates, their results of session June Term End Exams will be out soon, i.e. after 45 days of their Last Exam Date which was 29 June 2019. In other words, by Mid-August 2019.

Keep this in notice that the online IGNOU Grade Cards & Result Status have been updated.



Q1. Are degrees under IGNOU recognised?

Ans. Yes, they are. IGNOU is a central university which was initiated by an act of parliament. All the degrees/ courses under IGNOU are recognised by all the members of the association of the Indian university.

Q2.  What is an academic schedule?

Ans. All the important admission dates of ignou are presented in a schedule which is called an academic schedule.

Q3. When will I be notified if I am accepted or not to study in the university?

Ans. A candidate will be notified for his or her acceptance in the university within the two months after the receipt of your application.

Q4. Can foreign students also apply for this?

Ans.  No, only Indian students residing in India can apply for this.

Q5. What if pin code is not available with us?

Ans. It is okay, there is no issue. Pin code is not mandatory, in any case if you do not have the one, please fill 000000 (six times) in the pin field.


RRB Recruitment – Upcoming Railway Recruitment 2019 | Notification | Important Dates

Railway Jobs are considered as the most likeable job for every candidate as railways provide a lot of benefits than any other job in India. The railway recruitment control board manages the Indian railway recruitment by announcing the rrb recruitment notification and conducting exams and selection process for hiring the candidate for Indian railways.

There board release official notification as regards the RRB recruitment every year and all the candidates who are interested to apply for same are provided with an opportunity of being a part of this government job. Topnews provide all such details on a timely basis as and when the data is released through the official notice. One can easily get all the information on the page.

Railway Recruitment 2019 – Latest Railway Jobs 2019-20 Opening List

Railway recruitment board has planned to release job notification for 1.3 lakhs job in various RRB NTPC category. Candidates who seek for railway jobs can take their opportunity to start their career. All the details regarding the job vacancies and available positions for RRB Recruitment 2019 are given below-

Railway zone Posts associated No. of vacancies Last date for applying
Western railway The jobs available for this zone are junior clerk cum typist, trains clerk, station master, goods guard, and ticket clerks. There are total vacancies for 725 jobs 30th July 2019
Southeast central railways The posts are for ITI Apprentices 404 total vacancies 25th July 2019
Noida metro rail corporation The jobs are for assistants, junior engineer, train operator and maintainers Vacancies are for 199 posts 21st August 2019
Centre for railway information systems The posts are available for assistant software engineers There a total of 50 vacancies 7th August 2019
RITES limited The posts requires various engineers and managers The zone has 50+ vacancies August 2019
Indian port rail and ropeway corporation limited The post has a vacancy for managers, clerks, helpers, signal maintainers, etc. A total of 21 vacany is available 29th July 2019
Rail wheel factory The posts available are for technicians, senior clerk(under sports quota) and technicians Vacant jobs for 10 posts 4th September 2019
Southeastern railway The posts are available for group c, group d( scouts and guides quota) Vacancies herein are for 10 posts 5th August 2019
Kochi metro rail limited The posts are available for executive  and managers It has got a vacancy for 4 posts 25th July 2019
Konkan railway The job requires chief electrical engineers The vacancy is for 3 posts 31st July 2019
Southeastern railway The job is for the cultural quota for dance and instrumental Vacant jobs for 2 posts 14th August 2019
BMRCL The requirement is for chief engineer and executive director The vacancy herein for 4 posts 22nd July 2019
Lucknow metro rail corporation The vacancies here in are for 4 jobs Vacancy for 1 post 19th July 2019
Southeast central railway Vacant jobs for 1 post The zone has a vacancy for 432 posts 15th July 2019
Southwestern railway The job requires junior clerk cum typist, goods guard and station master The vacancies herein are for 179 posts 15th July 2019
Latest government jobs The job is available in railway, bank, PSU, others Total vacancies for 100000+ posts July 2019
Latest engineer jobs Various engineers are required Vacancies for 2000+ jobs July 2019


List Of Indian Railway Recruitment Zones

In Indian railways, there are a total of 17 zones which are further sub-divided into 68 divisions. Divisional railway manager heads each of the division who further reports to general manager of the zone. The list of the RRB Divisions along with the subdivisions are given below-

RRB Division City
1.     Central Railway Mumbai (Head quarter), Nagpur, Pune, Solapur and Bhusawal
2.     East coast Railway


Bhubaneswar (head quarter), Sambalpur, Rayagada and Khurda road
3.     East central Railway Hajipur(Head quarter), Samastipur, Sonpur, Danapur, Mugalsarai and Dhanbad
4.     Eastern Railways Kolkata(Head quarter) Howrah, Asansol, Malda and Sealdah
5.     North central Railway Allahabad(Head quarter), Jhansi and Agra
6.     North eastern Railway Lucknow NER, Varanasi and Izzatnagar(Gorakhpur – Head quarter)
7.     North western Railway Jaipur(headquarter), Bikaner, jodhpur and Ajmer
8.     Northeast frontier Railway Guwahati(headquarter ) Alipurduar, Kathihar , Lumding, Tinsukia and Rangiya
9.     Northern Railway Delhi(headquarter), Lucknow NR, Moradabad, Ambala and Firozpur
10.  South central Railway Secunderabad(headquarter) Hyderabad and Nanded
11.  South east central Railway Bilaspur(headquarter) Nagpur SEC and Raipur
12.  South eastern Railway Kolkata(headquarter) Adra, Kharagpur, Ranchi and Chakradharpur
13.  South western Railway Hubballi(headquarter), Mysuru and Bengaluru
14.  Southern Railway Chennai(headquarter), Madhurai, Palakkad, Salem, Thiruvananthapuram and Tiruchirappalli
15.  South coast Railway Visakhapatnam(headquarter), Guntur, Guntakal and Vijayawada
16.  West central Railway Jabalpur(headquarter), Kota and Bhopal
17.  Western Railway Mumbai(headquarter), Ratlam, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Bhavnagar

For every railway recruitment zone, there are separate recruitment boards for hiring the candidates for suitable jobs. Suburban railways are also available which is controlled by the central government and the state government.

Metro Railway List

In total 10 Indian cities are having metro rail connectivity while 5 other cities have it under construction.

In service metro list
Kolkata metro corporation limited
Delhi metro rail corporation limited
Bangalore metro rail corporation limited
Chennai metro rail corporation limited
Mumbai metro rail corporation limited
Kochi metro rail corporation limited
Lucknow metro rail corporation limited
Jaipur metro rail corporation limited
Hyderabad metro rail corporation limited
Rapid metro rail, Gurgaon


Under construction
Gaziabad metro
Pune metro
Navi Mumbai metro
Metro link between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar
Faridabad metro


Companies Allied To Railways In India 2019

There are 14 public sector undertakings and other organisations functioning under the ministry of the railway.

  1. Rail India technical and economic services limited (RITES)
  2. Indian railway construction company limited (IRCOC)
  3. Container Corporation of India (CONCOR)
  4. Konkan railway corporation limited (KRCL)
  5. Centre for a railway information system (CRIS)
  6. Indian railway catering and tourism corporation limited (IRCTC)
  7. RailTel Corporation of India Limited (RailTel)
  8. Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL)
  9. Bharat wagon and engineering limited (BWEL)
  10. Mumbai railway Vikas corporation
  11. Indian railway finance corporation (IRFC)
  12. Burn standard company
  13. Dedicated freight corridor corporation of India (DFCCIL)
  14. Braithwaite and Company limited
  15. High- Speed rail corporation of India


Production units

  1. Chittaranjan locomotive works
  2. Diesel locomotive works, varasansi
  3. Integral coach factory, perambur
  4. Diesel components works, Patiala
  5. Rail coach factory, Kapurthala
  6. Wheel and axle plant, Bangalore


Railway Recruitment Posts

The railway jobs are classified into four classes- Group A and B( Gazetted), Group C and D(Non-Gazetted).

  1. Group A– This is the highest post anyone can be recruited and are selected into one of the 10 departments/functional branches of each railway zone. They comprise of technical, non-technical and modern services.
Non- technical services Technical services Medical services
Departments IRTS:900 traffic service officers

IRPS:400 personnel service officers

IRAS: 15 for accounts service

RPF: 130 for a railway protection force


IRSE: for civil engineers

IRSEE: for electrical engineers

IRSME: for mechanical engineers

IRSS: for stores service

IRSSE: for signal engineers



IRMS: For medical services

Recruitment process a.     By civil service examination conducted by UPSC

b.     By promotion of Group B Officers in IRTS

By Indian engineering services examination conducted by UPSC By combined medical service examination conducted by UPSC
Education qualification a.     Must be undergraduate from central, state or deemed university.

b.     Must have a degree or an equivalent government recognized qualification.

a.     Must have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering.

b.     Done MSc in wireless communication, electronics, radio physics or radio engineering.



Must have passed both written and practical MBBS examination.
Age limit The age of the candidate must be between 21 to 32 years with an exception for OBC/SC/ST. The age of the candidate must be between 21 to 30 years with an exception for OBC/SC/ST. The age of the candidate must be less than 32, with an exception for OBC/SC/ST.


Average salary-the officers of Group A have an average salary of INR 80,000 to 90,000 with facilities of HRA, medical, transport, etc.


  1. Group B– The officers of Group B are not recruited by direct means. It relies on the promotion from officers already in Group C posts. In the civil engineering department, 70% of the posts are filled by the process of selection by the non-ministerial Group C staff of the same department, while the 30% of the remaining posts are filled by the Group C staffs who have qualified the departmental competitive exam after serving for at least 5 years.

Average salary-The officers of Group C have an average salary of INR 50,000 plus additional benefits.

  1. Group C– The recruitment of the officers of Group C is done by the Railway Recruitment Board. Some of the examples of Group C jobs are given below-
Jobs Education qualification Age limit Average salary in INR
Ticket collector 12th passed The age of the candidate must be between 18 to 29 years with an exception for OBC/SC/ST The salary is between 5200-20,200+Grade Pay of 1900+allowance of 27000
Assistant station master A graduate or must have an equivalent degree from recognized university The age of the candidate must be between 18 to 32 years with an exception for OBC/SC/ST The salary is between 5200-20,200+Grade Pay of 2000
Assistant locomotive pilot& technician grade 3 10th passed + ITI from a certified board

Technician- 10th passed+ ITI from a certified board+12th passed with physics, maths or have a diploma in engineering

The age of the candidate must be between 18 to 30 years with an exception for OBC/SC/ST The salary is 19,900
Goods guard A graduate or must have a diploma in rail transport and management The age of the candidate must be between 18 to 29 years with an exception for OBC/SC/ST The salary is between 5200-20,200+ Grade Pay of 1900
  1. Group D– This group consists of posts like trackman, gateman, helpers, porters, etc.

Age limit- the age of the candidate must be between 18 to 33 years with an exception for OBC/SC/ST.

Education qualification-10th passed or must have ITI certificate from either the National Council for Vocational Training or the State Council for Vocational Training.

Average salary-the salary of this group is INR 18,000 per month.


Why Apply For Railway Jobs On Topnews

Topnews website, one such place where all the information is readily available and updated on a timely basis. One can never lack behind with any official notice that is being released by the Government of India.

Why apply for Railway jobs on Topnews.? It’s because all the data, from no. of vacancies to application procedure together with eligibility criteria, Application process last date, RRB recruitment, Railways vacancy, jobs provided in the Railway to the candidates who are willing to apply for same are readily available herein. One can even get links to all the relevant job sites from this website and need not go searching around individually to apply for same. All such information with time to time updates, so why prefer any other place.?

Choosing The Right Job At The Right Time

One needs to make sure that the job they do satisfy them because spending 8-9 hours daily on such jobs which one isn’t willing to do is just a mere waste of talent and time. So, it is necessary that one make a better choice when it comes to their career plans and start early so that they may be able to get better opportunities at the right time. This will have to reduce unnecessary delays in development and learning as an early start makes better learning easy.

General Documents To Apply For The Railway Recruitments 2019

Some of the documents which need to be provided by the candidates to make their application a proper one are mentioned below:

  1. Marksheets associated with their academic records until the date of their application, which has been issued by any recognized body or board registered under the Government of India.
  2. Aadhar card
  3. PAN card
  4. Passport (if asked for)
  5. Driving licence
  6. Date of Birth certificate
  7. Photographs (number as specified)
  8. Any other extra qualification certificates if any
  9. Any certificates as regards the SC/ST, if applied through same, etc are some of the relevant documents that might be needed or asked for. Candidates can also carry along any other relevant documents which they think to be appropriate during the selection or verification of the original documents.

Engineering Jobs 2019

Notifications after notification we receive every day, but the best ones are which provides us with the news about something in an exact manner. To remain updated in this highly dynamic world, one needs to remain updated with every kind of update.

This year one such notification out there has been released for the Engineering students together with other important notifications. As per the official notice released, there are in total 15,385 vacancies in July 2019, for the candidates who are interested to be a part of the Engineering sector. All one need is to upload their resume and subscribe for the Engineering Jobs 2019. These vacancies are meant for both experienced as well as freshers. All the information as regards the vacancy can be easily obtained at TopNews.

TopNews, one place for all your information. Here, you will get all the details as regards the job openings (Vacancies 2019), qualifications, a late date for the submission of application, etc. Even the updated notifications can be found at TopNews as and when they are out. Both for Freshers and the experienced, various departments are available to apply. One can easily search all the information as regards Engineering Jobs 2019 in India.

All India Upcoming Engineering Jobs

BECIL Train operator or Station Controller, Customer relations assistants and others offering 199 posts 21st of August, 2019
FSNL The post for Junior manager, manager having 19 posts in total 8th of August, 2019
IIT, Delhi GATE 2020 24th of September, 2019
NPCIL The post of Stipendiary Trainee or a Scientific assistant with 43 posts available 3rd of August, 2019
IOCL (Northern Region) Posts for Trade & Technician Apprentices with 230 vacancies 8th of August, 2019
ECIL The post of Technical Officer with 8 posts 27th of July, 2019
ECIL The post being offered to Technical Officer, a scientific Assistant-A and also Junior Artisans (in total of 8 posts being available) 20th of July, 2019
Central Electronics Limited The post of a General Manager or an Assistant General Manager or Chief Manager & Other. In total of 74 Posts available 20th oh of July which is now extended to 22nd of July, 2019
CMTI The Post of Technical Expert or Project Fellow or a Junior Research Fellow (offering in total of 5 Posts) 9th, 11th and 16th of July, 2019 (walk in)
IITDM (Jabalpur)- exam location The post is empty in for 31 eligible candidates for Deputy Assistant or a Senior technical officer and others 15th of July, 2019
NRCB post The post with 8 vacancy open for SRF, JRF, technical assistant, Young professionals, etc 27th of July, 2019
CPCB jobs Jobs as Research Associate, consultant. 42 posts vacancy  For 21 days
ECIL Jobs offering for Technical officer or scientific assistant or Junior Artisan (total of 24 posts) 11th of July, 2019
The Dredging Corporation of India Ltd The post for Executive (Dredging) In total of 5 posts available 23rd of July, 2019
ACTREC Post offering of Scientific officer, nurse, assistant medical superintendent 31st of July, 2019
HEC Ltd Post of DGM, Manager, Senior manager, Assistant manager (in total of 10 vacancies) 23rd of July, 2019
IIITDM, Kancheepuram The post of Registrar, Assistant Registrar, Technical officer, the JE and others with total of 34 vacancies 22nd of July, 2019
SVNIRTAR Offering post of an Accountant or Junior engineer or pharmacist Grade- I, II or the store keeper (total of 5 posts) 30 days
NIT, Puducherry Offering post of Assistant librarian, technical assistant, superitendent or a stenographer and others with total of 24 posts out there 1st of August, 2019
IOCL, Haldia Refinery Post of Junior Engineering assistant or a junior technical assistant or a junior quality control analyst. In total of 129 post available 23rd of August, 2019
NIT, Karnataka The post offering in total of 137 vacancies for the technical assistant or the junior engineer or the library and infor assistant, etc. 17th of July, 2019
CEIL Offering post for inspection engineer or the safety engineer (total of 167 vacancies) 5th July 2019 to 18th July 2019
NEIST The job or a scientist or a principal scientists. Total of 16 vacancies out there 7th of August, 2019
SPMCIL Post of technical operations or a technical support or a technical control with 23 posts out there 31st of July, 2019
IIT, Kharagpur Post of software engineer (10) 23rd of July, 2019
SECI Job of engineer, officer, supervisor, etc in total of 21 posts 31st July, 2019
KVIC Post of assistant director, etc (119 posts) 31st of July, 2019
IICT Post of scientist or senior scientist or principal scientist (19 vacancy in total) 30th of July, 2019
Bank Note Press, Dewas Job of junior technician or supervisor (in total of 58 jobs) 2nd of August, 2019
CSMCRI Post of senior scientist or scientist (total of 9 posts) 9th of August, 2019


The Engineering Sector

Just like all other sectors, Engineering to occupies a major part, 27% of the Industrial Sectors in India together with 67% for the Foreign collaborations. This sector is classified to 2 parts, Light Engineering and Heavy Engineering. With the collaboration and advent of both, we find the same emerging as one of the largest contributors to the Merchandise export of the country.

The candidates connected to this line have been creating wonders and the sector of infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, power, refinery, automotive, steel and also consumer durables are in continuous demand of such engineers. The advantages like Manufacturing cost, the market knowledge that an engineer has and the technology idea together with some creativity therein. What else one might need to succeed out there in the market.? So, for all the needs, Engineers are the best choice for sure.

Even the Government of India has taken up initiatives to support this sector and de-licensed the same making them enjoy 100% FDI. Various policies are being framed day by day to support and boost the electronic system of our country and the same has been a major reason for improving the share globally.

Advantages Of Being An Engineer 

Courses are many and so are the choices for the people around but when it comes to Engineering, there are varied options and facilities that a particular Engineer enjoys. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Satisfaction in the job. This is the utmost thing that is needed to be happy and be better at all hours of the day. Spending 8 to 10 hours of your day will not be easy. So, it is needed that a person is satisfied and the Engineering course and after results of the same are so much full of creativity that one gets bored with this job for sure. one best job to discover out the real creativity.
  2. The career which offers varieties is what exactly is Engineering. May it is Computer Engineering or Electrical or even Biomedical, a candidate is offered a wideness and better scope. Colleges of Engineering provide strength for all that a college might not. So, a choice is needed to be better to get better.
  3. Challenges, this is what the role of an Engineer is. They face various challenges day after day and it is all a mind opener. All you need is a proper grip over what is called a practical knowledge together with better ideas and solutions. A person will never feel dissatisfied from having such challenges and will be forced to be more and more better.
  4. Society and a chance to bring in a change for the same. This is another best part of being an Engineer. The projects are all related to society or the environment or the aids for the disabled, etc. All which is aimed to bring in a change and make life’s better of others by providing the best. All the development and the new sources which are aimed to bring in a better chance for lives is what is the job of an Engineer.
  5. Security as regards finance. Whatever course one chooses, they are paid well if they are an engineer and they receive the highest salary of any other course or discipline.
  6. Prestigious job is what we call the same. whether it is in Indian marker or abroad, everywhere they get the preference of being what they are. The Engineer provides a better living standard and helps in maintaining social security too. All that they do is a matter of prestige and will be respected all over.
  7. Discovery for Technology and Science is what is mainly concerned. From getting to know why there are dimples on Golf ball to knowing the reasons for earthquakes, all are specialized herein in the course of Engineering. Helping the people out there with such questions are what the work of Engineers are.
  8. Better and creative thinking is the major part of being an Engineer and one gets to learn every day through what the developer or are trying to develop. A never-ending source of learning is the stream of Engineering and for the seekers out there the same is best to explore, learn, discover and also create which is unexpected by a normal mind.

There are also varied advantages of being a part of an Engineer and an Engineering course. All a candidate need is a right approach to their field and one can enjoy the biggest sector by being a part of the same.


Why Apply For Engineering Jobs On TopNews

TopNews as discussed above is a one-stop for all the information needs of a candidate. They provide all the details and updated notifications right on time and make sure that candidate who approaches them don’t have to visit any other sites finding what they seek. None to miss, this is what they do and plan to be. No notifications, no job opportunities can be missed out. All you need is one-click for Top News and you get quality with the right quantity of news. Both freshers and the experienced can get their need for job notifications right here at the website and when it comes to the Upcoming Engineering Jobs 2019, the information is all available at the site together with the links to apply and to be a part of the application process.

From Job vacancies to the job description, from eligibility of a person to their salary. Apart from same all the educational qualifications together with the procedure to apply for the job at varied locations, the further process of selections, the fees of applications, the last date for application and interview dates. All the information can be received her eat the Top News website, which provides all the right and timely information to the candidates out there.

All the vacancies in the major cities of India can be easily checked here at Top News which is always the first one to make the information out there reachable to the candidates.


General Documents To Apply For Engineering Jobs

When approached to apply, there is a basic question is every head, like what should be the basic documents that are needed to apply for the course. The answer is simple, go to the website and check the same but there are some basic documents which are needed for any kind of job application. They are:

  1. Academic records together with the certificates in original (at time of interviews) and in xeroxed at times of submission of applications
  2. Date of Birth certificate
  3. Aadhar card
  4. PAN Card
  5. Photos which depend upon the application demand
  6. Voter ID card
  7. In some case Passports too are asked for the better verification of the candidate’s record
  8. A certificate of experience in case one has it and also the records of all the past places where one worked. This will help to know better a particular person and his capabilities together with the wideness of knowledge.

The above mentioned are some basic documents and more of anything can be asked for during the application process. All one needs is to provide the right information.


Latest Bank Jobs 2019 – Apply For 15,000+ Upcoming Bank Jobs Online

Year after year opportunities is coming up for the seekers out there who need to make sure that they utilize the same and get to be a part of the best and most reputed job provided in the banking sector out there. Private, Public or the Foreign banks are coming up with recruitment opportunities seeing the demand and conducting recruitment every year finding suitable candidates, either the same may be a fresher or an experienced one. No one lacks behind in opportunities, so just in case if one is planning to be a part of the banking sector and do Bank Job, you need to be updated as regards the same. A clear idea as regards the benefit an feature of what one seeks to be will make their plan better and a direction which will help create best.

Bank Jobs And Latest Updates As Regards The Same

Bank Name Post Name Qualification Last Date More Information
SBI Deputy General Manager, Analyst – 76 Posts Degree, PG (Relevant Discipline), CA/ CFA 12-08-2019 Get Details
South Indian Bank Probationary Legal Officers – 12 Posts 10th Class, 12th Class, HSC, LLB 28-07-2019 Get Details
Bank of Baroda Specialist IT Officer – 35 Posts B.E/ B.Tech/ BCA/ MCA 02-08-2019 Get Details
APCOB Manager (Scale I) – 23 Posts Any Degree 28-07-2019 Get Details
APCOB Staff Assistant – 54 Posts Any Degree 28-07-2019 Get Details
Karnataka Bank Probationary Clerk Any Degree 20-07-2019 Get Details
IBPS Analyst Programmer, Research Associate – 5 Posts B.E./ B.Tech / MCA, PG 20-07-2019 Get Details..
Nainital Bank Limited PO, SO & Specialist Credit Officers – 130 Posts Degree/ PG (Relevant Discipline) 31-07-2019 Get Details
Nainital Bank Limited Clerk – 100 Posts Any Degree/ PG 31-07-2019 Get Details


Why Be A Banker And How Will This Bring A Change In Your Career?

Well, every career we start should begin with a why as because if you don’t know why you want to be a part of same, you don’t deserve to be a part of same. but when it comes to being a banker most of us have the same kind of answer. It’s like a dream to settle with a good pay once one is done with the studies and it is not easy to get that just after completing your studies and being a part of any sector of your job. Another comes is the security of a job which is the most important thing to look for. All such ideas or all such question of the head with a desire to be best is answered by the TopNews where one can find all kind of updates for their bank jobs, may it be a private one or public, all the information is available out there for all levels.

This year, in 2019, the trends and studies show that there is an estimation demand for more than 20,000 vacancies in the banking sector. May it be a Public Bank Job or a Private one, the banks are seeking forward to get the best and the talented individuals for their vacancies. Every year, both demands are the supply of Bank vacancies are growing in this sector making the same the most rapidly growing sector among others. Both the freshers and the experienced are provided opportunities. Both the Private and Public sector is evolving at a faster pace whose regular updates are available on their official site which needs to be followed for further updates. Some of the recent news as regards both the state govt. job as well as central govt. jobs are mentioned below for the candidates.

What Are The Advantages Of Being A Banker?

Well, a secured job or a good pay, these will be the basic answers for same but apart from same, the benefits or advantages of being a banker are mentioned below:

  1. The job is one of the reputed jobs among all sectors
  2. There is a security of a Bank Job
  3. The pay is of course good
  4. The opportunities are increasing day by day making the same in the list of most approached jobs. All you need is a qualification or criteria to fulfil and lots of opportunities lies ahead of you.
  5. Promotions are the best part and there is no scope of lacking behind if you perform well. You get paid for what you do.
  6. The timing, unlike other jobs, is not the same here. People get better benefits as regards being a part of this industry. Fixed timing is what we say in short.

Features Of Bank Jobs

There are both private and public jobs available for the candidates but when it comes to the public sector they remain high on demand every time. Both the freshers and the experienced look forward for a public sector jobs as they are more secured compared to private ones. This makes the same more competitive. Even working conditions are being improved and opportunities are increasing. New learning through time to time training facilities is available for every new idea or technology being implemented therein. When it comes to a woman, this sector is considered to be the most suitable for them.

Talking about more features, they are:

  1. Reputed jobs– government no matter how much they are cursed for still hold a reputed place in our society and so does the job in this sector. Banking jobs in public sector hence hold a reputed position out there among the society and its people.
  2. Job security– guarantee as regard job security in a bank is one of the best things that is provided to the candidates.
  3. Fixed timings– well, a job of a CA or an Engineer might demand more and more from a person but a job in the banking sector have their timing fixed and limited for all, may it be the customer or the workers.
  4. Better pay– standard norms as regards the payment and no differentiation are made as regards the same.
  5. Opportunity comes with qualification and performance– if you are qualified and perform well, there are a lot of opportunities out there for you. From promotion to better pay and bonuses, all are included as a part of the same.

Why Apply For Bank Recruitment On TopNews?

The uniqueness of TopNews will help an interested candidate to get all the information needed as regard a bank job, all at one place. They have all the recent notification as regards the bank jobs included therein. From the latest bank job to recruitment notifications, it is like a one-stop guide for all your questions.

All information as regards the job eligibility, pay scale, the qualification required to apply for the job, etc is available out there in the TopNews. All the syllabus related to the upcoming bank jobs or the study material associated with the same and even the online tests for latest jobs is all provided in TN.

More Details As Per TopNews

Updates as regard the one provided by the banks from time to time can be all found herein. Job recruitments and the links for applying to same are also mentioned therein. Syllabus, the questionnaire, study material that can be used, next course preparation part of bank jobs, etc are some of the added up details therein. Questions and answers, both of it are present here which a candidate might seek for or start seeking after they get to know the details of the upcoming demands. Everything useful for a candidate who is interested to apply for a bank job is provided herein. Even some of the previous year question papers together with suggestion and exam pattern which one might get for the upcoming exams are part of the details. All of It provided together at one place will help improve the knowledge and the study material will guide a candidate to see his inner abilities which might be needed for his upcoming exams. Apart from all these, there is also a page for the current affairs and GK together with the latest updated news. All of it at one place in a package of TopNews.

How To Apply For The Upcoming Bank Jobs (as per the TopNews)?

When we think about a course, what we look forward to is a how-to apply question for sure and an TopNews will help solve all the questions in head.

There are 2 ways to apply for a bank job. Either one can visit the official website of the bank and directly apply from the site or one can approach the TopNews and look for upcoming bank Sarkari exams. A detailed version of the answer is below:

How To Apply?

  1. Go to the official website of a particular bank job which one seeks to apply for. Log in here and follow the further details.
  2. Check out the official notification mentioned together with the criteria as regards the eligibility to apply for same.
  3. Just in case the same might be needed for future reference, one can take a print of the same.

List of Best Ranked Banks And Their Upcoming Bank Jobs In India

There are 2 sectors or the banking industry. One is the private sector and the other is the public sector. Both these sectors every year are out there with their demands to fill the vacancy. They through the official notifications call out the talented, young and dynamic candidates who are capable to perform well in this sector and are eligible for the same. so, just in case if there is a passion within to be a part of this most dynamic and growing sector, all the below mentioned information will be helpful.

Public Sector Bank Jobs Are Called In:

Andhra Bank, Allahabad Bank, Central bank of India, Bank of India, Corporation Bank, Indian bank, Dena Bank, Indian overseas bank, IDBI Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab Sind Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of Maharashtra, Canara Bank, Punjab national bank, State bank of India, Syndicate Bank, UCO Bank, Union Bank of India, United Bank of India, Vijaya bank.

Private Sector Bank Jobs Are Called In:

ICICI Bank, City Union Bank, Catholic Syrian Bank, Axis Bank, Lakshmi Vilas bank, HDFC bank, DCB bank, Yes Bank, RBL bank.

Some Of The well-known posts provided by these banks Out There

There are various recruitments conducted out there every year and posted on the official website of the one providing such jobs. some of the important and well-known jobs provided by the banks are as follows:

  1. Specialist officer
  2. Clerk cum Cashier/ Office assistants
  3. Probationary officer
  4. Law officer
  5. Agriculture officer
  6. Managers & above
  7. The loan officer and more

Making the right choice of jobs at the right time to get in and be a part of the banking industry

Just in case a person feels stuck at a job or is looking forward for better pay and more comfortable timing together with high security in the jobs, it is needed to reconsider your path so that one doesn’t lack behind and get to use their ability at a better place. get a better bank job right on time and make your career grow therein which will help you settle for better. To get better placements out there in bank jobs, the below-mentioned points can be followed:

  1. Passion and aiming a passion is needed first and foremost. A person needs to be very clear as regards what they plan to be.
  2. Based upon the qualification one must find themselves better bank jobs (only if interested in this sector).
  3. The notifications as regards the same needs to be checked and kept track of as per the job or recruitment was chosen which one wants to apply for.
  4. Based upon the placement place, salary, the promotions that might be available therein, and other descriptions, one needs to be sure about the respective bank job they plan to apply for.
  5. Lastly considering all the preferences, apply for the bank job.


Documents Needed To Apply

As we all know bank jobs can be applied both in online and offline mode and based upon the same the documents and their requirement changes. So a candidate needs to follow the particular mode or format that has been prescribed out for a job.

Online Mode Of Form Filling

  1. One needs a system or a laptop with better speed connectivity of the internet.
  2. The original copies scanned documents available all saved on the system.
  3. A passport size photograph of the candidate which has been clicked recently.
  4. Signature file

Offline Mode Of Form Filling

  1. A printout of the application form.
  2. Original documents hard copy (all that is asked for)
  3. Photographs of the candidate (recently clicked)

Eligibility For The Upcoming Bank Jobs In 2019

There are varied eligibility criteria that one needs to fulfil to apply for a bank job. They are as follows:

  1. The candidate needs to have a degree of the recognized university or the institute from which they passed.
  2. The minimum age for applying is 20 years and maximum for the same is 30 years.
  3. Every bank has their requirement as regards the experience, the format and the eligibility as regards the same is prescribed with every job notification.
  4. Documents need to be verified in original once applying for the job. The same will be done during the selection process.
  5. Date of birth proof is another document which needs to be provided.
  6. One needs to have their admit cards and ID proof in original to enter their respective hall for exams.
  7. All the documents related to educational qualification is needed. Like the one for 10th, 12th and also UG or PG.
  8. In case the same is applicable, one also needs to provide the proof for PWD or Ex-servicemen.
  9. A no-objection certificate needs to be provided too if one is applying from one section of government jobs to another.
  10. Certificates of SC or ST or OBC needs to be provided if the same is applicable.
  11. Passport size photocopies (a few) needs to be provided too.
  12. Declaration of Minority community if one applies from same.
  13. The certificate of income.

Some Of The Important Upcoming Bank Jobs Are:

IBPS PO, SO; SBI PO, Clerk, SO; RBI Grade B, RBI assistant; IBPS RRB Clerk and IBPS RRB exam.