How to become a lawyer in India

A Full Guide on How to Become a Lawyer in India

So in today’s article, we are going to acquire knowledge on how to become a lawyer in India and also going to solve many other questions like what is a lawyer, salary, types of lawyers, skills, best institutes, etc.

But before answering all these questions, I want you to ask yourself that do you really want to become a lawyer or you see some movie that motivated you to study law.

If that is the reason why you want to choose the law field, then I won’t tell you to pursue it because that can’t be the reason and you’ll end up frustrated.

But if you want to help people by fighting for their justice, protect the truth at any cost. If that is the reason, then nothing is better than law studies for you. Now there is a bit confusion between a lawyer and an advocate many of us think that both are similar, but it is not.

There is a little bit of difference between a lawyer and an advocate. In simple words, a lawyer is someone who hasn’t completed their studies and has no permission to fight a case in the court. Now an advocate is someone who has completed their student life, and they can fight a case in the court.

So now let’s go further in the article and solve all the questions. I will make sure that I will give you all the knowledge you will require to become a lawyer in India, and after reading the whole article, you won’t have to search for any other article.

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What is a lawyer?

We have discussed a little bit about the lawyer previously. So a lawyer is someone who practices and gains knowledge about Indian law.

A lawyer’s work is to fight for the justice of their client and give legal advice to them. There are some tasks that every lawyer has to do.

Tasks like evidence research, fight for the client justice using legal ways, collect all the legal and needed documents from their clients, appear in the court daily, for the case they are deal with and be ready for the case.

How to Become a Lawyer in India

There are two ways that you can use to become a lawyer. The first one is to pursue an L.L.B. degree right after 12th, and the second one is to pursue an L.L.B. degree after graduation. So below, I am going to breakdown both ways properly.

1. Doing L.L.B. After 12th

If you decided to do an L.L.B. degree after 12th, it would take almost five years to complete it. Through these five years, you’ll complete your graduation and then complete your L.L.B. degree.

Now talking about the eligibility criteria for 5 Year L.L.B. degree is, you must complete your 10+2 or 12th with any stream and must score at least 50% but if you are ST/SC, then you’ll need 45%.

For this, you can pursue the following courses like B.Sc+LL.B, B.A+LL.B, B.Com+LL.B, B.S.L+LL.B, and BBA+L.L.B.

2. Doing L.L.B. After Graduation

Now if you want to do L.L.B. after you complete your graduation then, it would take three years for you to become a lawyer. Eligibility criteria for this are, complete 10+2 with 50% but if you are ST/SC, then you’ll need 45%, Score 50% in the graduation degree you were pursuing.

Entrance exams for 5 years L.L.B. course

If you want to do L.L.B. after 12th and want to pursue it from the best institutes in India then you have to appear in the entrance exams I am about to show you.

Different institutes accept different scores. Now it is your duty to check how many scores of which entrance exam your desired institutes accept.

  1. CLAT ( Common Law Admission Test )
  2. LSAT ( Law School Admission Test )
  3. SET ( Symbiosis Entrance Test )
  4. AILET ( All India Law Entrance Test )

1. CLAT ( Common Law Admission Test )

This exam will help you to get admission to 18 PNLU ( prominent National Law Universities ) in India. The exam is a two-hours long, standardized test, computer-based.

You’ll face objective-type questions from the subjects like Current Affairs, Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, English with Comprehension, Legal Aptitude, and General knowledge.

2. LSAT ( Law School Admission Test )

This exam can get you a seat from many famous law colleges. Now you’ll get 3 and 30 minutes to complete this examination.

This exam will contain Logical and Analytical, Reasoning proficiencies, and Reading Comprehension.

3. SET ( Symbiosis Entrance Test )

If you want to become a successful lawyer, then I am pretty sure you have heard the SIU or Symbiosis International University. This university conducts S.E.T. exam.

The S.E.T. exam test that how much knowledge does a candidate have in Legal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Reading Comprehension.

4. AILET ( All India Law Entrance Test )

This exam will help you to secure a seat for you in the Delhi National Law University for B.A. L.L.B. (Hons.).

This exam will include General Knowledge, Reasoning and Numerical, Legal Aptitude, and English.

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List of Best Institutes for 5 Years of L.L.B. Course

  1. Gujrat National Law University (Gandhinagar)
  2. Jindal Global Law School (Sonipat)
  3. National Law University (New Delhi), (Jodhpur), (Bhopal)
  4. National Law School of India University (Bangalore)
  5. Nalsar University of Law (Hyderabad)
  6. Symbiosis Law School (Pune)
  7. West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (Kolkata)

Entrance exams for 3 years L.L.B. course

Now for people who want to pursue an L.L.B. after their graduation and want to pursue it from a great university then they can apply for these upcoming exams.

  1. B.H.U L.L.B.
  2. DU L.L.B.
  3. MH C.E.T.
  4. LSAT

1. B.H.U. ( Banaras Hindu University ) L.L.B.

As shown in the title, this exam will help you get admission to the Banaras Hindu University, and it’s going to be a 3-year L.L.B. Program.

The exam will test your Aptitude & Mental Ability, English Comprehension, Common Legal, and General Awareness & Current Affairs Knowledge.

2. DU ( Delhi University ) L.L.B.

It is showing again in the title that this exam is for Delhi University L.L.B. admission. This exam contains General Knowledge, Legal Awareness & Aptitude, Analytical & Logical Reasoning, English Language and Comprehension, Current Affairs, and Quantitative Aptitude.

3. MH C.E.T. ( Maharashtra Common Entrance Test )

This exam will determine how much knowledge the candidate has in General Knowledge, Legal Aptitude, English, Logical & Analytical Reasoning, and Current Affairs. The exam conducts by the Law colleges of Maharashtra.

4. LSAT ( Law School Admission Test )

Jindal Global Law School conducts this exam for their 5 years as well as 3-year L.L.B. programs. This exam will test your Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Reasoning.

List of Best Institutes for 3 Years of L.L.B. Course

  1. Faculty of Law, University of Delhi (New Delhi)
  2. Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi)
  3. Government Law College (Mumbai)
  4. ILS Law College (Pune)
  5. Jindal Global Law School, OP Jindal Global University (Sonipat)

Must have Skills For a Good Lawyer

  1. You should be active and have general awareness.
  2. Must be creative and have the skill to research evidence.
  3. Your logical, analytical, and critical thinking must be powerful.
  4. Your communication skills must be excellent and must be aware of new technologies.
  5. You must know how to manage the time and think instantly.
  6. This one is crucial. You should know how to give excellent service to the client.

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Types of Lawyers

There are only two main types of lawyers, the First one is a civil lawyer, who deals with non-criminal cases like frauds. The second one is a criminal lawyer, and by the name, you can understand that a criminal lawyer deals with criminal cases like murder. 

Now apart from these two there are many other types of lawyer:- 

  1. Personal Injury Lawyer
  2. Property Lawyer
  3. Bankruptcy Lawyer
  4. Family Lawyer
  5. Immigration Lawyer
  6. Digital world lawyer

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Lawyer in India

An average spends for becoming a lawyer in India will be around one lakh rupees. But it will depend on from which university you are going to pursue it.

Because if you want to get an L.L.B. degree from university like N.L.U. ( National Law University ) then the cost can go up to 2.5 lakhs.

So all you need to keep in your mind is, the bigger and better the university or college is the big you have to spend.

Salary of a Lawyer in India

First of all, I want to clear one thing that the salary I am going to describe further is the average or predicted salary of a lawyer.

But the up and down in your salary will depend on your knowledge, skills, experience. Usually, a typical Indian lawyer earns more than 4 lakhs/year.

A property lawyer gets more than 5 lakhs annum, and the criminal lawyer earns more than 10 lakhs annually. Below I have given I list of different lawyers with the annual salary package:- 

  1. Personal Injury Lawyer ( 5-6 lakhs )
  2. Bankruptcy Lawyer ( 6-7 lakhs )
  3. Family Lawyer ( 6-7 lakhs )
  4. Immigration Lawyer ( 9-10 lakhs )
  5. Digital world lawyer ( 3-4 lakhs )

The Final Words

So we have discussed everything on how to become a lawyer in India, now I hope this guide helped you to become a successful and great lawyer.

If you feel that this article helped you, then please share it with your family, friends, and the needy one.