how to become an air hostess in India

How To Become an Air Hostess in India | Salary, Skills, Companies

Nowadays, many young people are running towards the job of a flight attendant. Not just females, male dominance in the career is also growing.

Female flight attendants called stewardess or air hostess and male called steward or air host.

Collectively, We call these people cabin crew. These people are members of many business jets, government aircraft, and commercial flights.

The primary work of an air host or hostess is to take care of passengers’ comfort and security.

Now many people think why this job career is so popular nowadays. The question’s answer is so simple.

Joining a cabin crew or air host/hostess job has many benefits like you get a chance to travel to different countries, live in luxury hotels, know about the cultures of different countries, and more than that a decent amount of monthly salary.

That is why so many people want to become an air hostess or air host.

The job can seem very to some people as they think that the only job of a cabin crew is to serve different-different dishes to people.

But it is not that simple job. There are so many things or responsibilities that come along with the job of air host/hostess.

You have to coordinate with the security, greet every passenger on the flight, teach the traveler about the seating and safety, and many more.

Sometimes you face some problem create passengers whom you have to handle patiently, politely, and calmly. The job span is not more than 8-10 years.

After that, you can join the ground duties like check hostess, work with the management level, train new hostess, etc.

So if you are interested in the job of a cabin crew or air host/hostess, then you have to do one thing.

That thing is to go through the whole article, cause we have covered almost every point on how to become an air hostess in India.

What is an Air Hostess?

An air hostess or air host is someone who helps the passengers or travelers to make them comfortable and take care of passengers’ safety & security. We call a male flight attendant an air hostess or steward and a female flight attendant is called an air hostess or stewardess.

The job span of an air host/hostess is 8-10 years. Once someone completes their job span, now they can work as a ground worker. Then your duties will be to check hostess, train new hostess, work on a management level.

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Air Hostess Eligibility Criteria

Not all female in India can become an air hostess. There are some specific eligibility criteria that you need to qualify to become an air hostess. I have mentioned all the eligibility criteria that require to become an air hostess:-

  1. Physical
  2. Martial Status
  3. Age
  4. Education
  5. Medical & Fitness

1. Physical

There are not a lot of physical requirements for an air hostess. But the job is very selective about looks and behavior.

Your height should be 157cm or 5.2, and your eyesight must be 6/6 or 6/24 ( Both Eyes).

Attractive and fit physic, fair to clear complexion skin color, are some physical requirements of an air hostess.

2. Martial Status

Although this point depends on institutes to institutes and their academy’s policies. But in most cases, unmarried women are preferred for the job of an air hostess.

Now some institutes also allow married women. That is why I said in the beginning that this point depends on institutes to institutes.

3. Age

Again this point also depends on the academic policies and institutes to institutes. But the typical age that most academies prefer is between 17 to 26 years.

4. Education

There are not a lot of education required to become an air hostess. A candidate must have complete their 10+0 or 12th with any stream and then complete their UG or undergraduate program.

Candidate must no more than 2 languages to compulsory languages are English and Hindi, and other languages you can learn are Spanish, Cantonese, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Greek.

5. Fitness

A candidate who is willing to become an air hostess must be mentally and physically fit. If any kind of medical issue you are facing, then it can become almost impossible for you to become an air hostess.

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Skills For an Air Hostess

There are some skills that every airline wants in their air hostess so that they can keep their passengers happy. All the skills that you’ll need are mentioned below:-

  • A candidate should be good at communication skills and have command over the language.
  • They should know how to handle and serve passengers when they ask for something.
  • The will power of an air hostess must be strong. So, in the case of an emergency landing, they can handle panic passengers.
  • Air hostess must perform all the assigned work with a positive attitude.
  • Your physical appearance matters a lot, and your voice should be pleasant.
  • You must behave friendly with all the passengers.
  • There are more than 12 cabin crew works together, and you must know how to work as a team.
  • The last is, you must be ready to work extra when needed.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process for an air hostess is very simple. It is a three-step process. The first step of this process is the written exam.

In this, you’ll face an objective type question paper. This test is all about testing the aptitude and reasoning of a candidate.

Next is GD or Group Discussion. This round is quite tough. You’ll need a lot of practice to qualify this round. This round is all about testing your leadership quality, attitude, presence of mind, communication skills, etc.

Once you complete both the written exam and ground discussion round, now you have the last obstacle to clear. Once you clear this round, you’ll get selected for the air hostess post.

This test or round is the interview round. In this round, the judges will test your overall personality, and once you selected by them. You’ll go for a 6 months of training.


If you want to become an air hostess or flight attendant, then there are three types of course that you can pursue in order to become an air hostess in India. I have mentioned these course in-depth below, have a look:-

  • Diploma Course
  • Degree Course
  • Certificate Course

1. Diploma Course

There is two way of doing this diploma. The first one is, pursue a diploma right after completing 10+2 or 12th class. But if you have completed your graduation, then you can take way number 2. In this, you can pursue a post-graduation diploma. Below I have given a list of diplomas or Post-graduation diplomas:-

  • Aviation and Hospitality Management
  • Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Air Hostess Training
  • Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in Airport Management & Customer Care
  • Diploma in Airlines Management
  • Diploma in Airlines and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Air Cargo Practices and Documentation
  • Diploma in Airport Ground Staff Training with On-job Training
  • Diploma in Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant Training
  • Diploma in Ground Handling and Cargo Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality and Travel Management
  • Diploma in Hospitality, Travel, and Customer Service
  • Diploma in Professional Cabin Crew Services
  • Diploma in Professional Ground Staff Services

2. Degree Course

You can pursue a degree course after you pass your 12th class. The duration to complete the degree is 3 years. If you pursue this course, there are better chances to be successful in this career. Below I have mentioned the degree course you can do after 12th to become an air hostess in India:-

  • BBA (Aviation)
  • Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Travel Management
  • B.Sc. (Aviation)
  • B.Sc. (Air Hostess Training)

3. Certificate Course

There are also some certificate type courses that you can do after completing your 10+2 or 12th class. The duration of these courses is from 6 to 12 months. But some institutes offer a 3 months air hostess course. List of all those certificate courses are mentioned below:-

  • Air Hostess Management
  • Air Hostess Training
  • Airlines Hospitality
  • Aviation Customer Service
  • Aviation Management and Hospitality
  • Air Hostess/Flight Purser
  • Aviation and Hospitality Services
  • Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management
  • Airport Ground Management
  • Air RT/Radio Flight Officer
  • Certificate Course in Fare Ticketing Virgin Atlantic/GTMC Courses
  • Certificate Courses in Personality Development
  • Certificate in Aviation Security and Safety
  • Hospitality Travel and Customer Service
  • International Airlines and Travel Management
  • International Air Cargo

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Once you complete your air hostess training in India. There are many companies that can hire you for work. Below I will give you the list of all those companies:-

  • Air India
  • Alliance Air
  • Air Sahara
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Delta Airlines
  • Gulf Air
  • Go Air
  • Indian Airlines
  • Indigo
  • Jet Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Qantas Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Tata
  • United Air


The salary of an air hostess varies on the airlines. If you are working with domestic airlines, then you will get 30k-40k rupees per month.

If you are working for international airlines, then your salary will be 75k-85k rupees per month. The salary will also depend on the experience of the air hostess.

As your experience grows, your salary will also increase because the salary of an experienced air hostess who works for luxurious international airlines is more than 1 lakh rupees per month.