How to become an IAS officer in India

How To Become an IAS officer in India | IAS Guide for Students

In India, every third Indian has a dream of becoming a government employee. That is the reason why government exams are so challenging and competitive.

There are so many government sectors you can go for, but if you are interested in IAS or Indian Administrative Service, then this article is for you.

Because in this article, we are going to cover almost everything about the Indian Administrative Service or IAS.

How to become an IAS officer in India, the salary of an IAS officer, eligibility to become an IAS officer, Duties of an IAS officer, etc.

Indian Administrative Service is considered one of the most respected and top-level civil service among the 24 services like IPS, IFS, and IRS, etc.

Because it’s the best diplomats & bureaucrats who run the country. We see in many movies where actors become an IAS officer, but it is not that easy.

It takes a lot of smart & hard work, patience, dedication to becoming an IAS officer. Now let’s dive into the history of ICS ( Indian Civil Services ).

Right after the charter act 1853 took away by the patronage system, the ICS was introduced. After this, the competitive selection way came into use to select an ICS officer.

Satyendranath Tagore was the first Indian ICS officer. He was the elder brother of Rabindranath Tagore.

Because of the AIS ( All India Service ) act 1951 & Article 312, IAS was created. In the first administrative reforms commission 1966, bring improvement in the selection process.

They recommended including a written test, interview, and the Central Training Division’s creation. It took many years and recommendations to form today’s examination pattern.

2005 was the year when the second administrative reforms commission brought another big change by introducing responsibility through the Right to Information.

Cause the main purpose of this second reformation was, promote female participation for the Indian administration.

What is an IAS officer?

An IAS or Indian Administrative Service Officer is a civil servant who handles the government administrative works.

They collect revenue, take care of law & order, and implementation of state policies. Not only this, they address public grievances with many other tasks.

There are many reasons why thousands and thousands of students want to become an IAS officer. First, it considers as the most respected and top-level service, second where you go, you are the boss.

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How To Become an IAS officer in India?

Now let’s discuss this article’s main topics and how to become an IAS office in India. To become an IAS or Indian Administrative Service officer, you have to appear in the CSE ( Civil Services Exam ).

UPSC or Union Public Service Commission conducts this Civil Services Examination every year in India.

This CSE is not only for the IAS officer but also for other civil services. There is a total of 25 civil services, for which you have to give this Civil Services Examination. In simple words, you can say that this CSE works as a means of recruitment.

Every year more than 5 lakh students apply for the examination—candidates shortlisted by a three-step filter Preliminary, Main Exam, and Interview.

Out of 5 lakh, only 700-900 candidates goes for the final round. After the last round or the Interview, only a few get a post of an IAS officer.

Those who didn’t qualify try another year. Even many students are preparing for the examination for the last 2-3 years and haven’t got selected.

Because as we all know, this examination is one of the toughest examinations in our country. If it was so easy to become an IAS officer, then there will be an IAS in every house of India. Below I have given information about those three steps one by one:-

  • Preliminary Examination
  • Main examination
  • Interview

1. Preliminary Examination

This preliminary examination is the first step in the journey of becoming an IAS officer. In this examination, you’ll face some objective type questions.

Once you answered all the questions and cleared the step or preliminary examination, now it is time to move to step two, which is the main examination.

2. Main examination

Once you successfully qualify for the preliminary examination, now it is time for the main examination. In this examination, you’ll face subjective papers.

You’ll get many options available in your subjects, out of these options you’ll have to choose any two subjects to write the paper.

3. Interview

Once you complete the preliminary examination and the main examination, now you have just a last step to become an IAS officer. This round totally depends on the candidate’s confidence, how they will present themselves to the interviewer.

All I can say this step is to check your mindset, so be mentally prepared for the round. Cause if you didn’t select by the judges or interviewers, then it might disappoint you.

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Eligibility To Become an IAS officer

If you want to become an IAS officer in India then there are certain eligibility criteria for it. The first eligibility is, you should be a citizen of India.

Which is quite normal, I mean it is an Indian Administrative Service. So if you are an NRI then I think you can’t apply for it.

So the next eligibility is, you must have completed your undergraduate degree with any stream. If you have one then you can apply for the CSE examination for IAS.

One thing that you should make sure that the degree you have must be from a well-recognized university within India or outside India.

Now there are some restrictions when it comes to age and number of attempts.

The number of attempts and age limit depends on the category or caste of the student. Below I have mentioned all detail:-

  • If a candidate comes from a general caste then they have an age limit of 21-32 years and 6 attempts.
  • OBC students have an age limit of 21-35 years and they can attempt 9 times.
  • The SC/ST student age limit is 21-38 years and they can attempt Unlimited times but within the age limit.

What is the work of an IAS officer?

An IAS officer has a responsibility to take care of law & order and take care their policies that policies are being implemented correctly. But there a lot of other works an IAS do let’s see those works:-

  • IAS officer responsibilities or works are not permanent. It changes with the position.
  • You join the state administration at the sub-divisional level at the very beginning of your career. During this time, you’ll take care of development work, general administration, and law & order in your area.
  • Now the district officer position AKA Deputy Commissioner, District Magistrate, or District collector is the most distinguishable & esteemed post. At this position, you have to deal with the district level problems, operations, and developmental schemes implementation. 
  • In your career’s normal course, you also oblige as HOD ( Head of Departments ), the state secretariat, or in the public sector undertakings. At this position, you deal with the daily affairs of the government.
  • After consulting the concerned ministry minister, you’ll create the policy, and after making them, it will be your duty to implement those policies properly.
  • As an IAS officer, you’ll be responsible for any indiscretions that happen and have to answer the State Legislature and Parliament for that.
  • You’ll also be responsible for the expenditure of public funds you are using to implement policies.
  • On the various positions or posts like deputy secretary, joint secretary, you’ll have to contribute to making the policies, and giving them a final shape. But the decision to implement those policies totally depends on the concerned ministry. Once they approve it, now you have a right to enforce those policies.

Salary of an IAS officer

This is the main question of this article after the how to become an IAS officer in India question. Now the salary of an IAS officer depends upon the post they currently hold.

After the 7th pay commission, a junior IAS officer gets around 56-60k per month with a house, household staff, official vehicles, water, subsidized electricity, etc.

The Cabinet Secretary position’s salary is more than two lakhs per month with all the things I mentioned above.

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Final Words

So in the article above, we discuss almost every like how to become an IAS officer in India, the salary of an IAS officer, the works and duties of an IAS officer, eligibility criteria, etc.

Now becoming an IAS is not a piece of cake. It takes serious hard work, smart work, and dedication. So if you are ready to give at least 2-3 years focus to this, then you should go for it.

But if you are doing it, because your friend is pursuing it. Then I think you shouldn’t go for it. Cause you are doing it because your friend is doing it, you may waste your time and money on it. Rather than I would recommend, you focus on a thing you passionate about.

In the future, you can also turn it into a profession because having a passion that you can’t convert into a career is also a waste of time.

And remember, not all the people are IAS, IPS, or a government employee but still able to be live a decent life.